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Knife Crime at Record High in England

Prohibitions do not work. They do not work for drugs, as we saw during the 1920s and early 1930s, when the attempt to ban alcohol failed dramatically. That endeavor created thriving mafia groups that are still plying their violent trade in

Psychiatric Study Casts Doubt on Red Flag Laws

A recent study from the University of Liverpool tells us what we’ve long suspected about psychiatric labels. They write, “Psychiatric diagnoses are ‘scientifically meaningless’ in treating mental health.” The study was published in the

Where a Democrat President Might Take Us

Real Clear Politics last week showed former Vice President Joe Biden leading the pack of somewhat closely grouped Democrats vying for that party’s presidential nomination. The eventual nominee will go against President Donald Trump, and

Oregon Democrats Go Full Dictator

We like to celebrate President Trump’s wins. While he’s far from done, he’s brought a lot of good to this country. But Trump and Republicans are not winning everywhere. It’s important to look at where the right isn’t winning. There are