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ISIS Bride Denied U.S. Entry

The U.S. born woman from Yemen known as the “ISIS Bride” lost her bid to gain legal entry into the United States. She sought entry not as a citizen but as an individual who once lived in the U.S. as the child of Yemeni parents who were in

Tips for Better Shooting in Cold Weather

In the winter of 1939/40, Simo Hayha killed over 500 members of the Red Army. The Finnish sniper is known by history as the most effective, prolific sniper to ever live, and he made his entire legacy in the frigid snow of a Finland winter.

Irony: Anti-Gun Rhetoric Drives Gun Sales Up

If gun sales records are any indication, the best way to reduce gun sales is to have a pro-gun president and Congress. That irony escapes the anti-gunners in the media and politics, who rabidly attack firearms, those who own them, and the