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The 2 New Gun Laws that Actually Make Sense

The talk on gun reform isn’t quieting any time soon. The liberals have their platform, and in the wake of completely losing political battles on economics and foreign policy, gun control is all they have left. There have been some radical proposals, ranging from incremental restrictions on purchases to widespread disarmament of the American people.

But, somewhere through the thicket of crazy ideas and emotional outbursts, real conversations are discussing pragmatic proposals. Perhaps the most surprising truth is that a majority of gun owners are in favor of some change. It might not be the change liberals want, but gun owners have a better of idea of what can and can’t work in this case.


It’s always dangerous to talk about polls, since so many are so biased, but there is some truth in these. According to numerous sources, gun owners don’t oppose all gun control propositions. Even a majority of NRA members can support sensible laws that inhibit criminals without punishing law-abiding citizens. As a matter of fact, a full 78 percent of gun owners and 69 percent of NRA members have expressed this sentiment. The question isn’t whether or not we should consider reform that can save lives. The issues lie in pragmatism and liberty. So, which proposals were seen favorably by so many gun owners?

Expanded Background Checks

There are a few components of background checks that probably need to change. The phrase you hear most often is “universal” background checks. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this term, it refers to the idea of performing background checks on private sales. They already exist for every purchase with a licensed seller, but if you sell a weapon to your good friend, that process doesn’t currently need an FBI check. Many gun owners are willing to support this notion, but only if it is done correctly. Universal checks can’t come with a national gun registry. Most gun owners also agree that it would be unacceptable to put the burden of cost on the citizens.

The other predominant idea flying around is further restricting who can legally purchase guns. Although it is already illegal for anyone who is deemed mentally unfit to guy a gun, expanding who is deemed mentally ill could help save lives. Savvier 2nd Amendment supporters understand that this is a slippery slope. Mental health and arbitrary lists are not always objectively defined.

Better than giving the government unconstitutional powers for restricting gun ownership, we could simply improve enforcement. Several of the most recent mass shooters should have been legally barred from purchasing weapons but managed to slip through the system. The change most gun owners support is investing more into background checks so they actually work.

Training and Certification

The other notion that seems popular, even among NRA members, is that of requiring training and/or certification to be eligible to purchase weapons. This already exists for concealed carry licenses. Besides, you already have to demonstrate proficiency to drive a car before you are given a license. Even voting requires certain levels of proficiency in basic reading comprehension. Passing a skills test before you can buy guns seems logical. It would help keep firearms out of the hands of inept liberals anyways. But, gun owners are still clear that they have conditions before they would support this idea. The proficiency can’t be cost-prohibitive or include subjective measures of proficiency.

One idea that could circumvent this problem is to replace an exam with practical time. If you log enough hours at the range or in gun-training programs, you automatically get your eligibility. No costly test or biased instructor holds sway over a fundamental right. Instead, each citizen’s commitment is the only barrier to entry before they can purchase firearms.

None of these ideas have seen solid, legislative proposals so far. These are simply the talking points. Most likely, federal gun laws won’t be changing anytime soon. Instead, states and local municipalities are going to be flexing their muscles to see how much they can get away with on both sides of the discussion. We have seen cities strip citizens of their rights. We’ve also seen compulsory gun ownership. Florida is playing both sides by making guns harder to buy and easier to carry.

What do you think? Are there changes to gun laws that you would support? What are the red flags that worry you the most? Drop us a line in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

~ National Gun Network

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  1. Berlyhet says

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  2. ernaldo says

    We keep giving, leftist seditionists keep wanting more. NO MORE, enforce existing laws….and no, you can’t have my weapons.

  3. David says

    I believe that you are very wrong in saying that 2nd amendment supporters agree with expanding background checks. You are sounding like a liberal in conservative clothes

  4. Jim says

    Even those proposals sound like ”infringement” of our rights to me . experience should have taught you, as it has me …NOTHING this inept govt does to solve problems works, this last school shooting was TOTALLY avoidable except, the inept govt after multiple warnings and 20000 gun laws ALLOWED THIS SHOOTING TO HAPPEN, but its legal law abiding gun owners, not the FBI who totally blew this or the Coward County Sheriffs who totally blew this , but us who have been blamed and singled out for persecution and now the liberal gun grabbers demand YOU and I forfeit some of OUR rights because the TOTALLY INEPT GOVT FAILED……….AGAIN!

  5. David Erwin says

    I agree with the mandatory range time and showing proficiency, and even a written test before you can have a gun. I also agree that if you have a dangerous background you should not be able to own a firearm, but the existing NIX is not working well.

  6. John Uibel says

    Enforce the laws alredy on the books. Place blame on the person who pulled the trigger, not the gun.

  7. Andy says

    Like you note Just like a driver s license issue a national gun ownership license to qualified individuals and with a 5 or 10 year renewal period so bacground checks etc can be updated.. we already have the hql program in Md in order to get a handgun you have to apply and be approved for a handgun qual license. Prior mil or le experience makes getting hql easy peasy. Regular folks take like a 4-6 hour course that can be made to be enjoyable and less time than we make teens take for driver s ed.

  8. GRA says

    You’re unreasonable and out of your fucking mind. Repeal the Hughes Act of 1986 F-I-R-S-T and then I’ll consider giving you the time of day, otherwise; NOT ONE DAMN INCH.

  9. Douglas Roy says

    I don’t like any of the ideas. None of them will stop the school shooting problem, which is based on a spiritual problem in our schools. While many focus on the guns, few, if any, talk about why schools are a killing zone. Did you know that schools are a “God free zone” along with being a “gun free zone?” Perhaps we should return the free exercise of religion, that is, Christianity, to our schools. During that same time up until 1962 in our history, schools were not a gun free zone. In fact, many kids brought their guns to school for show and tell and there were no out cries or shootings. The fear of God, or the respect for the Almighty and his Son was strong among many students. The Bible was an honored book, just as it should be, having been the book most quoted by our forefathers. But since the Lord has been banned from schools, every good thing has gone down and every bad thing has increased. The blessing of God is no longer on our schools. Rather, a curse is on the public schools that teach immorality, godless living, and secular humanism. Socialism/Marxism is taught as good while our forefathers are disparaged daily and lies and revisionist history is the norm. We don’t seem to care that children’s minds and hearts and souls are being corrupted in public school, but if a student is killed, then we get bent out of shape. Our national values are corrupted.

  10. Cliff says

    No matter how many “background checks” and “training “requirements “government ” shoves down LAW ABIDING CITIZENS THROATS…Theses “feel good” “requirements will NOT stop CRIMINALS from obtaining guns (or any OTHER weapon) to use to commit their CRIMES. The ONLY thing “new” laws do is restrict law-abiding citizens and infringes ON THEIR RIGHTS as stated in the BILL OF RIGHTS. CRIMINALS do NOT “subject” themselves to “background checks” (or run out to take firearm certification “training”) WE LAW -ABIDING CITIZENS are ALWAYS the ones that need to “COMPLY” with “government mandates”, while criminals roam free and even if CAUGHT, they are slapped on the wrist and let go to do their evil deeds all over again.

  11. Chuck says

    I absolutely against private gun sell background checks. How can anyone think this is remotely acceptable that supports our constitution?? Giving up freedom for practically no security will get up Australian gun control. Private sells are not the boogyman.

  12. Eugenem Ross says

    I think you lost all of your marbles. why in the world would you want to give those communist ba —- ds any kind of foot hold? we are already being over run by socializum and communisum already. not on my watch will I ever give in.

  13. RK Bowman says

    Enough already, just in force the laws we have.

  14. Dennis Miller says

    Reasonable. NRA life member.

  15. Kennie Lamberth says

    I do agree on the private sales part. People privately sell guns, weapons not including just firearms to people who shouldn’t even have fingernail clippers. I have been a State Officer for over 30 years and have observed much of this first hand. And concealed carry, Heck yes they need more training than firing 50 rounds at a piece of paper ! They have no idea what a responsibility they have with a weapon ( Firearm ). Something you didn’t mention was securing weapons from children and thieves, criminals. If you own a firearm a person should own safes. And I’m not talking about tin boxes. Safes to keep outlaws out thrives out, deranged persons out. Personal lockdown safes by the bed where ever you may need one for fast retrieval. There is no excuse for a child to ever be able to get a gun in there hands in a home and accidentally shooting someone. Or for a visiting friend to pick up and walk away with. Never leave a firearm in a vehicle unattended.

  16. DHH says

    The Supreme Court has already ruled that ANY training and certification to exercise a citizen’s right is illegal, and is only used to prevent the exercise of that right. That was what struck down the many laws in the south that established certification of reading skills to vote in an election. That is why a blind person MUST be given the assistance to read the ballot and vote. The right to keep and bear arms was written in the Constitution as a self defense against a tyrannical government is applicable to all levels of government, and by a logical extension a tyrannical person trying to impose their will on another person (read robbery or murder).
    Also, keep in mind that concealed carry certification classes are run by private citizens NOT local governments because of that ruling. But concealed carry is more involved than simply owing a gun.

    As for universal background checks, which as you state, actually refer to private sales between private individuals, they are uninforcable – unless you set up a police state a whole lot more pervasive than the KGB or Gestapo was ever able to set up. What next? Have the sheriff okay the sale of your house, your car, or your furniture to make sure that the local government gets their “fair” share. How about your books, so you don’t sell what they say is subversive? We don’t even enforce the laws we do have, such as straw purchases, Another point to make is that several recent shooters obtained their guns after LEGALLY passing a background check.

    So tell me how either of your two laws could have stopped them.

    As the recent Maryland school shooting has emphasized, the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That happened after Parkland, but the media doesn’t talk about that more recent school shooting. They can’t get continued ratings from that shooting.

    Laws only prevent the law abiding from doing something. Next time you want to propose a “good” law, one that is for the safety of everyone, go take a drive on the highway, only make sure you stick to the speed limit.

  17. VIRGIL C CARTER says


  18. Richard Holleran says

    I agree wholeheartedly with your proposals. I do not agree to raising the age to 21. We have men & women serving in the armed forces 18-19-20 years old who are highly trained in the use of many weapons. Many of them serving in harms way to protect us right now, deployed. I myself joined the Marines at 17 and was highly trained in many weapons. When I would take leave sometines it was to come home and go hunting. They will not be able to do that. Semper-Fi

  19. Thomas Birch says

    I would like to see a study as to the effects of Ridlin, and such on people after many years on the drugs. If you need
    drugs to concentrate, as shooter, or the driver of a car, how likely are you to become enraged if things don’t go the
    way you want? I think anybody prescribed these drugs should be on record as taking drugs, and this should be a
    permanent record, including kids who are on these drugs for 6, 8, or more years. I would think they are more likely
    to have road rage, and violent reactions than those not on drugs. Would this not qualify as “Under Psychiatric Care”?
    and disqualify you as a gun owner, or the driver of a vehicle?

  20. Michael Gray says

    Nice try, but voting doesn’t require any level of “basic reading comprehension” (or any basic level of intelligence either, nor for that matter, even being a United States citizen in states like California). God forbid that would be required because then we would be detering people from voting! Today one simply meanders up to the voting machine and marks the ballot. No “basic reading comprehension” necessary, particularly in those jurisdictions allowing “one touch” straight party voting. What we need is strict voter identification to ensure only US citizens vote, and some type of training to ensure a voter actually does have the skills necessary to help steer the Ship of State!

  21. Terri Newman says

    There already a system in place to what you described in the first idea,but it wasn’t used despite of it being law already!..The second why should law abiding citizens have to bear any further costs just to exercise a god given RIGHT! your not required to take training for you drivers license. The point is they’ve (the liberals) have crying for common sense gun control laws over 2,000 times and at every opportunity they insist on more! The cold hard reality is they’ll keep on insisting for more til there is no guns left in private hands….except for their security details The solution is very simple., enforce all the current laws with out exception.

  22. Margaret burns says

    They need to start with doing away with the hipaa laws that prohibit accessing people’s info. Sealed records of youthful offenders with violent histories mental patients of any sorts When you buy a gun now or apply for a permit, all they check is nics. Your criminal background. Also they have to stop labeling schools as gun free zones. All that does is show that there is nobody to stop someone from shooting them. Law abiding gun owning citizens should not be blamed for these crimes or punished by loosing their guns. There are laws on the books let the liberal judges start enforcing them. Crooks will always have access to guns. The good guys need to protect themselves against them.

  23. DUANE BAUSMAN says



  24. Harry rice says

    Training and certification does not exist, with concealed carry permits! I lived in Ohio, went through the training, in classroom and range, to get my cow permit, then I moved to Indiana, being a good citizen I wanted to be licensed in Indiana to carry, surprisingly, to get my ccw in Indiana, you don’t have to know what end of the gun ,the bullet comes out of, the only thing you need , besides a background check, is a 5 dollar bill. Don’t think that is right, it’s just asking for trouble,. Ohio had the right idea, getting familiar with handling a weapon , knowing the laws, and learning all the safety involved with the responsibility of carrying a firearm!

  25. Paul says

    No! I am done giving an inch because it sounds and feels good. The only laws I will accept any more are the ones that remove restrictions on fire arms. I don’t see any law publications for the government on how free speech must be conducted or were it’s restricted. If there ever comes a time we as a country need firearms to fight the government they now have laws to limit our ability to do so. To me it sounds like you are too comfortable in your life to think anything like that could happen. I refuse to let so one that I don’t know or trust be the one I rely on to protect my family. Me and my wife are the family first responders. Enough is enough just give us our God given rights back to protect ourselves!

  26. Dan says

    I live in Springfield Massachusetts and I have been shooting guns for 50 years. Dad was military and although he wasn’t a big gun person he taught us how to shoot but more importantly how to be safe. I have a clean record with no offenses of any sort and I have applied for my concealed carry license several times here and I’ve been restricted to just Target and hunting. Almost impossible to get an all-purpose carry license in this sh#t hole of a city. Seriously considering moving

  27. John McClain says

    The sole “gun control problem” I’ve seen my whole life, has been the political punishment of criminals who use guns. In Chicago, there was never a “gun use” publicly deemed “right”, even the use to stop a crime was considered criminal, and this over the entire nine years I lived there.
    As the crime rate went up, gun control went into effect, and Chicago leads the world in gun deaths of “black folks, by black folks”, something the “activist crowds” will only blame on racism, and never address the cultural issue, and lack of intent to rise to equality.
    I now am retired, with my own machine shop in North Carolina, open carry is legal except in cities, a strong minority are routinely carrying concealed, and we have a far lower crime rate, and a far better cultural connection with the different minorities and majorities that vary widely throughout the state.
    I’ve stopped two robberies by simply having a gun, the first, simply being “in line behind the would be robber, in a gas stop”, and patting my shoulder holster, looking him in the eye, and he putting his stuff down and walking out. The second was at the same gas station, and I pulled my .45, and the would be robber put his up and ran out the door.
    Statistics show armed citizens stop some ten times the crimes stopped by Police, simply because citizens are everywhere, and criminals try to take their act where the police aren’t currently present. We began as a Nation, commonly bearing arms, even in cities, and with Sunday afternoon, after Church, being the time for the “Militia” to drill and practice, so arms were in the cloak room of churches, during the sermons.
    When we ceased being responsible for our own security, we opened the door for criminals to pick and choose their victims, because “only everybody can be everywhere at once”, and once one designates “specialists”, those with no desire to meet them, can readily avoid them, most of the time.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

  28. Stu says

    Where the additional law proposals you present seem reasonable, we do not need any more laws. I suggest they start enforcing the existing ones properly BEFORE they make any more! They need to address the social issues behind the recent crimes if progress to a safer country is to be made. These crimes will happen weather guns are available or not if the social motivations are there!

    Northern New Hampshire

  29. Bill Scantlen says

    At my age of 83, I find it difficult to approve more gun laws.
    When I was 14 I bought my first 22
    Savage semi. At 15 I bought my first revolver, a S&W 38. No background checks and no paper work other than a receipt.
    But then there were only 150 million people in the States.
    Being old I won’t be around much longer to listen to the idiots that don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain.

  30. William Stone says

    Do you need a “practical course, test or the approval of a government official to exercise your other rights, enumerated in the “Bill of Rights”? This is JUST the First Slip, down that “slippery Slope”. Look back through history. Those who are IGNORANT of History are DOOMED to REPEAT IT”S MISTAKES !

  31. David E Vaughn says

    I really don’t know how to address the issues you are making. As far as going and getting the training and certified before you can buy any firearm is nuts. The way I see it, nothing will change. If people want to do harm they don’t need a firearm, just look at the bombings that has taken place. We can’t even get people in authority to do what is needed until it to late. Yes there are people out there that are carrying that shouldn’t be, because they act like some kid with a new toy. Some of the shootings have been done by some nutcase trying to copycat, some has been done by jealous, some has been done because they have been bullied. Until we figure out how to put a stop to some of this stupidity that goes on everyday from all walks of life, it will never change. If all the guns were took away, from law abiding citizens, you haven’t seen nothing! Just take a look at history and tell me what will happen.

  32. Mead Carlson says

    You are misinformed about private sale. In some states(Pennsylvania) all handguns new and use whether sold privately or from a FFL Dealer must be transferred at a FFL holders. The Feds and state gov’t both get a from registering the firearm and new owner. SO many states already have registries. The new bill signed by Trump Friday opens thew door for a National Gun Registry. You really don’t think that form 4473 that gets you your clearance from the gov’t doesn’t remain in their registry forever?

  33. Jimmie Holcomb says

    I don’t agree with any of your solutions, it is completely ridiculous for me not to give my son, grandson or any other relative a rifle or shotgun for a birthday or Christmas. Universal back ground checks, really, just another tax, unless you think gun dealers will do this for free, I think not. Training??? It doesn’t take a mental giant to operate a revolver, it is a point and click instrument. All of the laws needed are already in place, if law enforcement will just obey them. All if the rest of this stuff is just feel good changes. Florida could have been completely avoided, if everybody had done their job. Keep your eye on the ball

  34. Martin says

    Gun Control is a slippery slope and goes against the ideals of the Founders of the Constitution had when writing the 2nd Amendment. The purpose was not to insure the citizenry would be able to hunt to feed their family or target shoot for fun. It was to insure that the people would have the ability and means to resist a tyrannical government and affect change should that time come.
    To require more laws and registration to purchase/own firearms just sets up a system to know who has what guns and where they’re at. Adolph Hitler said it best, “The easiest way to conquer a nation is to first disarm its citizens”. That can’t happen here? Tell that to the millions and millions of people in Europe that lost their lives prior/during WW II.

  35. sheldon bennett says

    you yourself knows that any laws on guns effect honest gun owners, when are we going to stop all of the power grabbers

  36. Tracy Langdon says

    I am a gun owner. My city provides a gun range at the police station and even once a month have ladies night. I think the city providing a safe place to practice and even get professional guidance is great. I am not against raising the age to buy a gun, however, if this country asks kids as young as 17 to fight for this country in the armed forces, how can we say they are too young to own a gun? I am all for training and having to take a test to gain a license is good. Bump stocks should be done away with. Background checks for all gun sales. Also an issue though because of all the guns that are in possession of bad folks. All the gangs, criminals. These guns are what quite often cost lives. They will always find a way to get guns.

  37. LostProton says

    The iconic statement “Guns do not kill people – People kill people” is still the TRUTH! Several months ago some hunters in a mountain forest found a muzzle loading cap lock rifle, a Civil War type firearm, leaning against a tree where it had been left possibly a hundred years ago. Did the owner die of natural causes or was he attacked by some hungry wild animal? The rifle weathered over time, still from the pictures, was a well made rifle. This firearm “gun” has set there for possibly one hundred years that during that long period did not kill anyone. Gun control is the control of the firearm by the shooter prior to the firing, and firing of the gun. The current supposed gun control is people control by an oppressive government who fears the words of the “Declaration Of Independence”. Adolf Hitler banned peoples’ personal ownership of firearms and then committed a massive genocide of the Jewish people in some of the most horrible ways. A thousand years ago in the Mamluk Dynasty and the Ottoman Empire, Turkey today, several million were killed by the sword as there were no firearms. A new terrorist explosive, triacetone triperoxide (TATP), that explosive sniffing dogs cannot detect could be worn in a vest by an Islamic/Muslim searching for martyrdom to kill a large number of infidels in a suicide attack that does not entail a firearm, which is happening around the world. Guns are not the problem; evil people are the problem that cannot be regulated by banning inanimate objects such as guns to stop massive killings.

  38. Howard Briggs says

    These new gun laws are probably ok ——–

  39. Gary Hull says

    Both would help reducing guns getting in hands that shouldn’t have them as well as providing training; however, we should be doing the same for the automotive industry and no one wants to talk about this. Gary

  40. Randolph Karl Dittmar says

    1st offence committed via a firearm OF ANY(BB++++++)type..12 years..HARD LABOR regardless
    of ANY condition.NO chance of parole!!Under 18..reform school until chain-gang 12 hour days await
    to fill out sentence.Kill someone in commission of same….bye bye..forfeit your life/usefulness to mankind.
    Reciprocity… Concealed Carry Permit good in all 50.
    Honorably Discharged Military can own a 30 round AR,AK,M-14(20round),Semi-auto BAR,Thompson SMG(semi-auto)regardless of age.(Check out Switzerland’s gun policy)

  41. Roger Brennan says

    It’s time our young adults start acting like the adults they are trying to be. Mass rallies for issues they don’t even understand is not the way, instead of national tantrums on the public stage of “Give Me, Give Me” everything I want, is not the answer. If someone has an opposing view all you do is yell and scream and never listen. If they did listen, you might consider other points of view. What about the parents, how did the children get the guns, putting your gun on the top shelf of your closet is not Secure, or in an unlocked draw is not secure. The parents in these cases should be held responsible as much as the shooter, they provided the means to perpetrate the crime. they should be charged with accessory to murder and I’m sure you will see the nation take this responsibility more seriously. Then there are the students in the schools who harass, bully and take advantage of other students on social media who push other young adults or children over the edge. This issue needs to be confronted on many fronts not just whats conceived to be the quick fix (Gun Control). It’s time to stop with the tantrums and work on the problem which includes you.
    Roger B

  42. John Hawley says

    Additional training will not reduce gun crime and very few people are killed by accidental discharge of a weapon. Requiring training to be allowed to purchase a firearm will have an insignificant impact on the improper or illegal use of firearms. It will simply be an impediment to those who want to purchase a gun for legal use. Secondly, background checks are a slippery slope. They will by default set up a national registry for firearms of all those approved to purchase. Also, the definition of mental illness precluding the purchase of a gun could be a tool to disallow gun purchases for many who will buy and use firearms safely. Will a bout of depression mentioned to a doctor 10 years ago become mental illness? What about ADD or ADHD, both considered mental illnesses? Many who might medically be mentally ill could be prohibited from buying a gun when they would be a threat to no one. Who will we trust to set up guidelines for purchase of guns by non-threatening “mentally ill?” Neither one of your suggested allowances would be acceptable to me. Altering the intent of the Second Amendment is to important to leave to politicians clamoring for money from well heeled special interest groups.

  43. Lane and Son guns Clayton, In says

    I am a fed licensed gun dealer and also a retired police officer. I feel that the law should require private owners that sell their guns should be required to run the sale thru a licensed gun dealer for a back ground check if they do not arrest them. I set up at a gun show and had a 17 year old kid offer me $200.00 more than what I had it priced if I would sell him a 9mm semi-auto pistol. I advised him that he could not buy any type of firearm at his age. except maybe a B.B. gun he went to a private owner set up there , and left with a hand gun under his arm. this is how the wrong people are getting guns. bi have offered the private owners to do the background checks for them free. but some have taken me up on it, but some say background checks looses them business. that is one law I feel needs to be changed.

  44. Ken Bean says

    Why back ground checks if you sell to friends or family members? I have just one response to this Fast and Furious!!!! You expect us the people who already are responsible gun owners to follow all the gun laws but yet our own government implements all these laws and don’t follow them at all!!!


  45. Roger says

    There is no such thing as reasonable gun control!
    Gun control does not work, never has and never will! We already have background checks and they do not work, they never have and never will for one simple reason, criminals don’t obey laws, that is why they are called criminals!
    If a person wants a gun, they will get a gun, if they can’t buy a gun, they will steal one, then who does the background check? How long is the waiting period?
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people (the citizens of any particular state) to keep (own)and bear arms (carry guns of any type and caliber, anywhere, anytime) shall (absolutely) not be infringed!
    The American people must demand that the government and the courts stop interpreting the constitution and instead enforce the constitution as it is written in plain simple and easy to understand english that a fifth grader can understand!
    Over 100 people per day on average die in automobile accidents in the United States, maybe we should outlaw automobiles since they are responsible for far more deaths than guns!

    If you dare to care, be aware, prepare, prevent, lock the damned doors!

  46. Roger says

    There is no such thing as reasonable gun control!
    Gun control does not work, never has and never will! We already have background checks and they do not work, they never have and never will for one simple reason, criminals don’t obey laws, that is why they are called criminals!
    If a person wants a gun, they will get a gun, if they can’t buy a gun, they will steal one, then who does the background check? How long is the waiting period?
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people (the citizens of any particular state) to keep (own)and bear arms (carry guns of any type and caliber, anywhere, anytime) shall (absolutely) not be infringed!
    The American people must demand that the government and the courts stop interpreting the constitution and instead enforce the constitution as it is written in plain simple and easy to understand english that a fifth grader can understand!
    Over 100 people per day on average die in automobile accidents in the United States, maybe we should outlaw automobiles since they are responsible for far more deaths than guns!x

    If you dare to care, be aware, prepare, prevent, lock the damned doors!

  47. Roger says

    The NRA nor any member of the NRA is responsible for school or any other mass shooting! The authorities that ignored warnings, the FBI, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and the on duty resource officer at the Parkland, Florida school, who apparently thought his job was to walk around looking important instead of watching for trouble, are 100% to blame! The NRA is 100% blameless!

    Because there was a resource officer on duty at the school, the shooter should never been able to enter the school. I don’t know what steps were taken to prevent this act of violence but it wasn’t enough.
    All schools should have cameras that cover every square inch of school property, they should have a central control room located near the main (only) entrance with a monitor watched by a live person every second of the school day and deliveries must be admitted under supervision of a resource officer.

    Doors should be locked so that they can only be opened from the inside and any tardy students or visitors must be admitted by a school official, after showing a picture ID. You would be surprised how often a locked door will stop a bad guy!

    If you dare to care, be aware, prepare, prevent, lock the damned doors! Banning guns doesn’t make anyone safe!

  48. Mark Gardner says

    Here is an email I received I thought I would share with you. I don’t know where all these shootings came from but I think they are dreaming..

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Elizabeth Warren
    Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 2:41 PM
    Subject: They fund guns:
    To: Mark Gardner

    Mark, enough is enough.

    In the 81 days of 2018, there have been 49 mass shootings across the country. Every 40 hours, innocent lives are cut short, families are torn apart, and the country is left wondering if there was any way to prevent this. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    We can’t afford to sit around and wait for the NRA to give Congress permission to do something. We need to keep pushing Congress, but this is an emergency and we need to work on other ways to stop gun violence in America as well.

    That’s why last month, I sent a letter to nine of the country’s biggest investment firms – all which are major shareholders for publicly traded gun companies – and asked them to use their financial muscle to push for more responsible behavior by gun manufacturers.

    The next day, investment giant BlackRock announced that it would consider creating index funds that exclude gun manufacturers and retailers. Yay! But that was about it. For the most part, the investment firms haven’t had the political courage to step up and lead this fight.

    So I’m asking you to help.

    We’ve set up – an easy website to help you call or tweet to the country’s biggest investment firms and ask them to use their leverage and help reduce gun violence across the country. Will you help me turn up the heat on shareholders who are making money off every sale of every weapon, Mark?

    Ultimately, in any public company, shareholders hold the reins. They determine what those companies do, and the shareholders in gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Sturm, Ruger & Company, and Vista Outdoors are in a powerful position to encourage gun manufacturers to regulate their own weapons.

    There’s a lot that gun manufacturers could do. They could ask retail outlets to impose higher minimum age requirements to purchase of their weapons. They could ask stores to require waiting periods prior to purchase. They could fund research aimed at developing safer weapons. They could step up and try to be part of the solution.

    We know these sorts of changes are possible. Just last month, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that it would stop selling assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, and that it would not sell guns to anyone under the age of 21.

    I get it: No amount of pressure on the industry can substitute action by Congress – and I’m going to keep fighting in Washington until we pass common sense gun reform. But every change is important, and engaging investors could be a start to help reduce gun violence across the country.

    Money talks. Shareholders have power – and I’ll give it everything I’ve got to push these powerful investment firms to use their shareholder strength to demand change. But if we’re going to convince any shareholders to stand up to the gun industry and their powerful friends at the NRA, it’s not going to take just one of us – it’s going to take all of us.

    Do you want to join the fight, Mark? Click here to visit to contact major shareholders in gun companies and urge them to use their power to push for changes to reduce gun violence across the country.

    Thanks for being a part of this,


    P.S. This Saturday, students from across the country have organized more than 800 “March for Our Lives” events to demand an end to gun violence and mass shootings in schools. I’ll be joining students in Springfield, Massachusetts – and I hope you’ll join a march near you. Click here to find a March for Our Lives event this weekend.


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    We’ll miss you, but you can always unsubscribe.

  49. Jack Farquhar says

    No new gun laws . . . period!! Enforce those laws already on the books.

  50. Charlie says

    Background check laws are already good now . All that needs to happen is the reporting to the LEO’s responsible for the background information needed in a timely matter on whomever is deemed unworthy of Our Second Amendment Natural Right . Background checks are done now but to reiterate information can not be withheld from those that require honest forthright up-to-date information on said individual desiring to purchase a gun .
    Training and certification seem like backdoor registration . All responsible gun owners get training on gun usage , gun safety , general gun care knowledge . Generally the training comes from parents or shooting ranges with certified trainers. Either option will work if said person doing the training is a law abiding knowledgeable individual . Certification is required for CCW holders , but for those that just want to own a gun or guns for whatever lawful reason certification could be used by some unscrupulous political servant of We the People or some lobbyist group to pressure week politicians to use certifications as a form of national registration . National registration is where Our Second Amendment would be profoundly damaged , for with national registration Our Natural Right that the Second Amendment gives We the People will go away just as national registration did in many other nations . Then those that oppose political agendas are eliminated / killed just as what has already happened in many other nations . We the People were given Natural Rights ( God Given Rights) by our founding fathers of our nation . These Rights are We the People’s to protect We the People from tyrannical actions of political public servants and for other lawful reasons .
    None of the mass murders were committed by an NRA member , nor were these murders committed by a sane human . No murder ever has been committed by any simple or complex machine of any type without a human behind said machine . Further a gun , knife or any other object is not a weapon unless used as a weapon .
    Gun Free Zones and restrictions via legal ownership by lawful citizens have proven said gun free zones as easy picking for the mental ill that want to kill for what ever their insane reason happens to be . The only way to stop these individuals is end gun free zones , end disarming law abiding citizens that could stop murder before said murderer can commit said murder / murders . There are still far more good people than bad people , don’t punish the good people for the crimes of the bad people .

  51. paratrooper says

    The only appropriate *training* before possession/purchase would be return to the founders’ original intent, unstated and not spelled out in detail because it was the accepted standard in those days, known to all with the same level of *common knowledge* as water is wet, the sky is blue, standing army will oppress the people, but militia, being all the people, will never oppress themselves. One night a week on the village square, militia drill, attended by all, membership including all, officers elected by the ranks (with all the evils resultant from incompetent but popular in peacetime getting their troops killed in combat), and every every every physically capable male of military age enrolled in and present for duty with his militia unit each and ever week.

    Can’t make that work due to whatever excuse might come up, then don’t bother with any *training* requirement. Why? Because it will be overdone in some jurisdictions as an excuse to prevent possession/purchase, and only a Mickey Mouse sham of paper falsified qualification but no real capability shown in others.

  52. Jack Weaver says

    All gun control Laws are UnConstitutional, Illegal…. Shall not be Infringed. i e shall not be Violated, shall not be transgressed. when a crime is committed, Inforce the laws. But that is not what the anti gunners anti 2nd Amendment groups want. they want total disarmament….

  53. John Agner says

    I have been a firearms safety instructor since 1963. I am told by The State of Ohio, The NRA, and the Boy Scouts of America not to use the word WEAPON in my classes. A firearm is not a weapon unless used as such, and should not be thought of as such.

  54. Bruce Braun; Retired Army says

    I agree with most of what was said here, but I do think that anyone that has any amount of time in the Military should be exempt from going through ant of the qualifying requirement to purchase hand guns or and rifles.. I DO think WE went through enough of that through basic training and yearly on the range.. Background checks are great!Some of my other thoughts that are said here on gun safety and what could really be done.. Look at the parents of the minors who have guns!!How did the minors get them and getting them out of the home?? Why weren’t the guns locked up, (triggerlocks) or in a safe?I do think the Parents need more training in gun safety as well!! Look at the Police, FBI and Air Force that knew about the related shooters and DID’T pass the information down.. Some of the parents knew that their child had mental issues; where was the control on them? Didn’t the school in Florida know about Cruz?
    BTW, lots of this reminds me of what the people did during the Vietnam War, Protesting this and that!

  55. David Arnold says

    I feel that if they would enforce the current gun laws and work on mental health , that would be sufficient . The second amendment clearly state to be not be infringed. upon our gun rights . Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile . Enforce existing laws !

  56. Bill Seiber says

    I disagree with most of what you have said. Number one when the govt gets involved in our god given rights they disappear. Number two what is cost prohibitive to you may be out of reach for some one else, so what if some one can’t afford the range time their life is not as important as those who can. Number three if I wanted to sell a gun ,or loan it to a friend I would have to do a background check first .Number four both of us know the govt. is already to deep into our personal lives ,this is another step in their attempt to take our guns .I ask you can we trust the govt ?I am not a conspiracy person. My suggestion is more recourse officers and metal detectors in our schools,I am a disabled vet ,but I would volunteer my time to stand in front of a school unarmed to protect our children and believe many other vets feel the same way.

  57. Stephen says

    Completely ridiculous! There is little wrong with the current background check system except that the names of those who should be on the prohibited list are not being input. A universal background check system would require a registry (confiscation list) and is totally unacceptable. The NRA, the military, and others conduct training now, there is no real need for more training: legitimate gun owners are not the problem, mentally unstable persons are! All mass shooters are by definition mentally unstable, but feel good liberal fools think that confronting that problem is lower priority than passing more useless gun laws.

  58. KB says

    I can support your ideas as long as you are not put on a national registry and that it is not made public who has guns.
    Here is something that maybe you can help with . Oregon is trying to put on to put on the November ballot to essential stop and remove all guns . Look up Petition Initiative 42 and see for yourself.

  59. Laird Ralston says

    As a vet of 25 years and a concealed carrier for the last 40 years I will agree that something needs to be done about the gun violence that we are now seeing. I agree that there has to be something done about expanding some areas on the background checks. But registration and unreasonable collections are not the answer. More in depth training would help. The use of common sense and temper control will go a long way to help. I agree also in boosting the age to 21 for purchase of both weapons and ammo. When it come to handling weapons good strong self discapline is a must. Also stronger penalties for misuse of guns should be mandatory.

  60. Lynn Maxwell says

    Expanded background checks are excitable, and would close several loophole sales that have no checks right now. Training to use the gun you wish to purchase is sensible IF it does not become a financial barrier to ownership. No one should be prevented from owning a gun because they can’t afford the training/certification costs!

  61. NELSON BENDER says

    I agree with the exclusion of those who have been convicted of a felony or found to be mentally unstable by court directed examination, not by accusation. To this I would add exclusion of anyone in residence with such persons. Proposal of requiring weapons to be locked up at all times is rediculus as it negates the ability for self defense.
    As for requirements of training; should be limited to safety and knowledge. For proficiency; I do not expect to ever need to use my weapons except in self defense and thus see no justification for requiring spending time and money at a shooting range. Even at my age of 80+ and not having fired any of my weapons for the last two years, I am confident that I can hit another person with a hand gun within twenty yards and with a long gun at more than a hundred yards. In my opinion, this is adequate.

  62. Joe Davis says

    Just another smokescreen proposal. From a retired LEO, the real issue here to address is HUMAN MENTAL PROBLEMS. And that MUST be addressed first, now that THE TRUTH is exposed. People seem reluctant to ‘accuse’ or ‘push hard’ when it comes to mental issues. That is pure bunk. For therein lies the problem. Just look at that kid in Florida. So I propose a Federal law (removing local liberal politicians for obvious reasons) for addressing matters raised about these flakes walking around on our streets today, with some serious legal guidelines to RESOLVING what we see as mental incompetence and an agency who can resolve exactly what to do about these nutty people. For it is not the inanimate object, as the death instrument could be anything from a firearm or explosives .. even a hammer, knife, tire iron, or no telling how many objects to kill with. But without these nuts running lose anymore .. we will have gotten to the nitty-gritty of the problem, while they receive medical treatment, if such is available for their particular medical issue, and in lieu thereof, a mental ward ……….

  63. Marcia Mason says

    Since the NRA is all about safety, I would 100% back a safety course for prospective buyers and youth. The 4H clubs handle the youth, and youth hunting license classes, so why not adults?
    But one thing that wouldn’t hurt at all in my opinion, is separating semi-auto firearms in total from the under 21 crowd. They would not be hurt by limiting their ownership to bolt action rifles, double barrel shotguns, and revolvers. This should include even being seen at a range shooting one unless accompanied by the adult owning the semi-auto. They couldn’t borrow one, carry one in a car, or any other act of handling one. This impresses on them the seriousness of the device’s capabilities.
    I don’t believe either of these goes against the 2A.
    I am a life NRA member, and have an FFL.

  64. Mark N. says

    Background checks are, for the most part, security theater. They do not prevent gang members not old enough to buy or barred from buying due to a felony convictions from obtaining all the firearms they want. There will always be a black market for stolen firearms that no universal background check system will ever decrease much less stop. Sure it “sounds like” a great idea, but it simply will not work. I will give you a perfect example: California has had a universal background check system run by the state that is more comprehensive than NICS, but the crime rate in LA is still huge. Second, no mental health check in the world is going to successfully identify people “who shouldn’t own guns.” The fact is that most of those individuals are, ultimately, depressed and suicidal people, not mass killer maniacs. Since suicide will find a way, all that will be accomplished is that there will be fewer gun deaths but more deaths by other means, and the net effect will be zero. Finally, allowing some sort of mental health check is indeed a frighteningly terrifying slippery slope: how long will it be before they start classifying people with “gun fetishes (i.e., own more than three guns) as a “mental illness,” or anxiety disorders as a mental illness. The end result is that more and more people will be barred from owning guns without due process of law.

    Gun training is great. Everyone should have it. But requiring it is a sure way to raise artificial barriers that will preclude poor people from buying guns to defend themselves. I have never ever had any formal gun training, and yet I am sufficiently proficient to hit what I am aiming at, know the four rules, and how to handle a firearm safely. Safe gun handling isn’t the issue in America; there are roughly 5oo people killed in gun accidents a year, and probably half of those are because a child got access to an unsecured loaded firearm. That leaves 12000 people a year whose death was no accident, and whose deaths will not be prevented by all the training in the world.

  65. Russ Darrow says

    Has there been any evaluation of the Swiss gun program ? Every Male has to go through a basick milatary traning program, use and have a wepon .seems like a lot of psycho evaluation could be done at the time , the right thought
    process of what society wants and how you fit in ,not just I’m intitled …

    And yes there should be a lot more done befor anyone is denied (as some should be) look what happnes when there is a devorce .

  66. Jack Weaver says

    All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional . Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah recently explained why Federal gun laws are unlawful —

  67. kerry says

    WE do not need anymore gun control laws. They will change nothing.

  68. Ben says

    If its any LAW past the 2nd Amendment, IT IS NOT NEEDED and only creates another burden & costs that I personally can do without!!!!!!

  69. jeff says

    The main issue is mass killers. No amount of training Law abiding citizens will have an affect on that. There is an unnecessary cost involved in structured shooting range practice.The only thing we can do is try to keep crazy people from getting weapons.

  70. Philip Effland says

    Everyone has the inherent right to self-protection which, logically, includes possessing a firearm. As to the question of the government having any input on this question, I would remind you that by definition and function all government is parasitic. As the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land, and, as the Second Amendment to that Constitution is specific in its’ reference to firearms, any government “infringement ” of that inherent right is prohibited.

    The progressive left, including the overt socialists and Marxists, are a distinct minority of the population of our country and their agenda in regards to firearm possession by citizens is clearly, both legally and morally, abhorrent. Equally clearly, any infringement of the Second Amendment is the proverbial “inch” that all too quickly becomes the “mile.” How many times do we have to keep revisiting this question that always has the same obvious answer?

  71. Robert Beezel says

    As usual, give them an inch and they want a mile even though these two make sense.

  72. JOHN DAVIS says

    I have a tendency to view any controversial law as a part of a hidden agenda against Christians and Israel. It is NOT a big step to declare Christians to have mental issues. How? Christians pray to an “invisible” GOD; “hear” someONE speaking to them from time to time (HOLY SPIRIT); Believe that a “man” was born from a “virgin”, and are willing to die for these “fantastical” beliefs. Israel is a “problem child”. Israel believes in the Christian GOD too; and, it is this GOD that gave them this area of land forever. If Israel disappeared tomorrow it would not be too soon they say. A great source of friction in a region that is far too important to the world at large. Respectfully Yours, John A. Davis, Jr.

  73. Jack Freese says

    We don’t need any more gun laws or anymore background checks all the places that have had a problem have the toughest gun laws in the country. It all goes back to family’s and parents, and a home with some form of both.!! In the middle of this great country from North to South it shows. From the Dakotas to Texas. And we have to figure out a way to solve the problem without more laws that have never worked. History has shown us from the Germans and now the Ausies that gun confiscation does not work!!

  74. Don Ferguson says

    Ngnadmin. Great article, well written. The two laws make sense and are logical, what’s not to like? They will never be passed into law because we do not trust our government. We do not trust giving any control over guns to some government bureaucratic.

    You are right about restricting access to individuals with mental problems – but a different article pointed out that extremists already want to declare all religious believers as mentally incompetent and should not be allowed to own guns. They have started with all Christians. How can we trust a government that allows such stupidity?

    I hope the protestors keep up the pressure but protest for real protection, not for just more unworkable gun laws. In an ideal world there would be no need for guns, but we do not live in an ideal world, we live in the real world. The reality is laws do not stop bullets. Laws do not stop shooters. Laws do not stop bad guys. Protect our school children first – now! Then work on an ideal solution. Thanks for listening.

  75. Trent says

    The mental health concerns me a little. I see a psychiatrist and take meds. I’m afraid of them declaring me mentally unfit, but I also have a concealed carry license. I’m afraid that they’ll decide to deny me my second amendment, and try to confiscate my firearms.

  76. Forrest Butler says

    Dont disagree with most that has been said. I think more training for carry permit holders is a good thing if it can be done with government taxing it. Let the holder pay a trained instructor and submit a certificate of completion to the government.
    On a different note, I would like to see a prohibition toward using firearms in movies/TV when made, produced or starred in by any person who has ever supported anti gun rhetoric or movements., bu voice, cash or ant other means. Such would immediate hit the duplicitous SOB’s in their pocketbooks.

  77. June says

    In the United Kingdom we gave up our gun rights following a similar tragedy. Now we are sitting ducks don’t let them take away your rights. I noted both the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood were involved to these marches. Surely that enough to ring alarm bells as they are more concerned with taking children’s lives. These children deserved counselling not being used as political pawns for a leftist agenda. Your rights are being violated anyone can see the road this is going down. It is a blatant attack on your 2nd Amendment Rights.

  78. Michael says

    I think before any gun laws or fixes to NICS are made schools such as Parkland needs to be punished for making the disastrous deal with the local law enforcement to not arrest students for the crimes they commit so these kids will be in school to be counted for the federal money instead of being in jail. If the Parkland school district had not of made the deal, Nikolas Cruz would have been arrested during one of the 39 times and his name would be in the NICS and he would not have been able to legally buy a firearm

  79. lee squiciarino says

    yes these 2 laws make good sence.

  80. Don O'Hanlon says

    While I’m in favor of being proficient with a firearm, there are a couple of problems with your suggestion regarding testing. You say that any test should not be cost prohibitive, but suggest that hours at the range might be an alternative. First of all, try to find a range, especially in urban environments. Second, how does a low income or poor person afford the $20/hour range fee? Lastly, how do you show proficiency before buying the firearm? I bought my first handgun from Rural King, where there is no provision for testing the firearm. I agree that it’s important to keep guns out of the hands of the crazies, liberal and conservative.

  81. Here come da judge says

    “Even voting requires certain levels of proficiency in basic reading comprehension.” Actually, it is NOT required. I have been an equipment manager / Election judge for a few years, and one basic rule is that NO ONE is excluded for reasons of illiteracy. If the prospective voter doesn’t come with an assistant, one of the judges can be requested to read the ballot and assist in whatever way the voter needs.

  82. Ronald Hodak says

    I support both of the laws that you have stated. almost every mass shooting in the last 20+ years, is done by someone with emotional problems.I would like to see each and every proposed buyer of any fire arm to submit to a short mental health professinal. If the pass, cost should be minimal. If they don’t pass, they would have to pay the full amount that anyone would have to pay for a consultation. I would also like to see “bump stocks” banned. There is no reason to have these. they are know good for hunting and only law enforcement and the military should have fully automatic weapons. Thank you. Ronald Hodak.

  83. Bob McCartney says

    I would support both proposals if they are not repetitious. If I get my carry concealed certificate and if like in ND it includes both an FBI background check and a basic shooting proficiency, that should be sufficient for a gun purchase. In ND I show my card and fill out the standard form with the questions re criminality, alcohol and drugs etc and I can take my gun with me without waiting for the state to clear me. The bugaboo in this process is the mental health issue. Clearly a psychotic diagnosis should exclude most applicants unless a psychiatrist can attest that no danger to the public is present. Depression may or may not be a risk. Personality disorders such as antisocial personality often includes most criminal types. But even trained professionals don’t have scientific data that sort those at risk from those not at risk that work in all cases. Money to fund research into this critical step in the background check is essential. Also clear laws and education are needed to inform and support psychiatrists in the dilemma of public safety vs confidentiality. In the extreme end of the spectrum this is known and understood, but in the arena of subtle indicators professionals error on the side of confidentiality. Think of the psychiatric error regarding Mark Allen Chapman before the shooting attempt on the president. Finally how do we get the right psychiatrist queried about the applicant? Does the state query the health insurance billing information? That is a whole bag of worms that could greatly delay the completion of a gun purchase transaction. It is no wonder that mental health is the big black hole in background checks.

    That’s my two bits. Thanjs

  84. Bernie says

    If people, sane or insane, were held accountable for their actions instead of getting an out, a lot of this would take care of itself. Give parents back permission to discipline their children. We send kids to school to learn because they don’t know anything, but somehow when it comes to right and wrong, kids are smarter than adults. Does anybody ever wonder why young adults can’t handle life? They have been told that they are always okay for their whole lives. Suddenly they are not kids anymore and now they are just stupid adults whose kids are smarter. Whoever came up with this idea should have been committed to an institution before graduating law school.
    Add to your list of “train before you own”
    Houses, children , hammers, money, friends…..
    If not taken care of properly, you can do severe damage to people with all of these.
    Anybody feeling crowded yet?

  85. Bernard Brown says

    I agree with you.

  86. Gregory D. Sims says

    As always, the devil is in the fine print. Pres. Obama took away veterans 2A rights WITHOUT due process just because the veterans wanted someone else to manage their money.

  87. Gerald Ross says

    Requiring me to pass a background check in order to purchase a firearm from a friend is unacceptable and somewhat irrational. Given the current political and social environment concerning guns, a person of good conscious would not purchase guns from a person on the street. Referencing a “friend” would imply that the seller is known to the buyer and therefore cognitive of the sellers/buyers character. Criminals would circumvent the background check in any event as they by definition are “criminals”. So the proposed NICS fix would only burden law abiding citizens. And passage would only give the gun grabbers one step closer to gun owner registry and then confiscation.

    I do not disagree with the training prospect as long as it requires ALL citizens to become familiar with guns. I know some people are afraid of them and requiring them the become familiar with guns could go along way toward the general public being sanitized to them. This should begin at an early age and continue through the educational years. Adults already in vocation could be trained in special classes in appropriate facilities and setting which would make them feel comfortable. Israel requires all citizens upon graduating high school to enter the armed service for two years and become proficient with military weapons. Switzerland requires that every house hold have at least one weapon in the house and be proficient in it’s use and have recurrent training yearly. This would pose no greater burden on the individual than training for the gun purchaser. Good for the goose good for the gander. Your analogy of drivers licensing and voting is a hollow argument. Voting is not mandatory, it elective. Driving is a privilege again not mandatory. Owning a gun is a “Right” not a privilege. While rights can be removed from an individual for cause they cannot be abolished. Further the individual right to self preresivoration in not granted by the Constitution or the Government but rather by God as unalienable, confirmed by the Constitution and the Government in the Second Amendment and “Shall not be infringed”. (ie:Shall not be restricted)

    Not all proposals are of value. Those which restrict one segment of society and do not encumber the other is not useful. If you want background checks for all gun sales you should have them for hammers and ball bats and knives and screwdrivers etc. Guns do not kill, people kill and if they desire to kill they will find a way. Cain killed Able and he didn’t have a gun. I think he probably used a stone.

  88. Larry Schillinger says

    In your article, I found the use of wording found to be used only by pro-gun-control. Such as most gun owners support is investing more into background checks so they actually work. Common sense says it is impossible to get background checks that really works. Here is a number to think about, 100% of the criminal types will not participate in background checks. The current NICS works, as long as the enforcement community does their part in reporting criminal activity as is already required by law. The cause of the Florida shootings began with the Obama administration. Nationwide there has been an increase of felony chimes in school age children (documented), with a high number of that age group being black children. To decrease the number of felony reported crimes, the administration sought to decrease the reported felony crimes by taking the handling of these crimes from the police community and give the responsibility to the schools, including the punishment. Thus felony crimes are no longer being reported. As mentioned earlier, when the reporting stopped it also stopped for all races. Thus all of the problems with the shooter, Cruz, was not reported and too was not included in NICS.. This allowed Cruz to legally purchase the rifle used in the shooting. So if proper reporting is done there is already a good working system in place, nothing needs be added. Now in regards to the mental illness issue, to make the NICS, one must be adjudicated mentally ill. Any other method of reporting would be unacceptable, because the person would not be given their duo process.

    There was mention of training and certification. This would be a very costly, de facto registration, which is completely unacceptable i.e. to apply for a CCW license, as an example, one must go through training and certification

    So the ideas given are actually a backdoor registration of every gun owner that purchases a firearm legally. Plus just as it is presently, it will not effect the criminal from doing what they have always done. So, it appears what you are, is a pro gun control organization try to present yourself as something else.


    I agree with both new proposed gun laws , just because you can obtain a drivers license does not in any way mean that you are qualified or properly trained , or even mentaly stable to own a firearm.

  90. Tim Wilcher says

    What part of the 2nd Amendment don’t you understand, shall not be infringed. Also what other Constitutional Rights we have on the books are scrutinized as much as the 2nd???? And last which Constitutional Right other than the 2nd Amendment are you wanting people to be trained or certified in, in order to be able to excise ??????
    Myself and many other law abiding citizens are tired of being vilified for being gun owners. Sounds like your article wants more restrictions on top of what we already have.
    P.S. : We already have background checks, you have to have one when you go to a FFL dealer in order to purchase one now. Your so called gun network site needs to help fight the gun grabbers not propose more gun restrictions. Quit trying to be politically correct and get over yourself.

  91. Thomas Hall says

    Absolutely none of the suggested measure would assure safety the rescinding of gun free zones and the authorities actually perfoming the duties for which they were hired .still the most sensible approach isnt even being considered..The effeciency of militia act of 1902 resticts the federal government to a bystatnder in regards to the types of weapons average americans are able to purchase along with amounts of…and delivery systems of ammunition …period..still on the FBI.State regulators just do your damn jobs and realize te only effective detterent to a bad guy with a gun is a trained certified good guy with a gun period

  92. Richard Goodrich says

    I would agree that sales between individuals needs some changes as far as background checks are concerned I do not want to see universal background checks, but more care can be taken to insure that they are sufficient.
    And the problem with people dropping the ball on something as serious as Parkland shooting needs to be dealt with. My last comment is about all these protesters that know everything about what needs to happen. If you warned teachers and administrators about the shooter, and no one listened: why didn’t you protest then?

  93. D says

    There is no way to stop a criminal from getting a gun. No gun control will stop them if they want to kill someone for whatever stupid reason they have. If they want to kill they will find away, a truck, a bomb, a car they can kill large groups of people with any of these. The only reason for gun control is to find out who owns guns so when the government wants to take them away they will know who has them. Gun control does nothing to stop criminals from getting a gun, they do not care about laws or they would not be criminals, so the only reason for gun control of any type is to control the law abiding citizen. The children that went out to march do not know what they are doing because they have not learned any history in the schools today, so they do not know what happens with gun control. You could take all the guns from every person in the US and that would not stop school violence. if someone wants to kill a bunch of people they will find a way.

  94. Skip Plummer says

    These are just more “suggestions” messing with laws that are already in place. Universal Background Checks have been the law of the land for many years now. That’s something that you just have to live with.

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  97. Capt. DeRosa says

    If young adults can’t handle firearms until they are 21 that they are immature. They should not be able to drive until they are 21 a vehicle is far more dangerous than a firearm. They also should not vote until there 21 because of immaturarty.

  98. John Joyce says

    Never forget that gun grabbers are insatiable. In gun grabber speak, “common sense gun control” equals “common sense gun confiscation.” For forty years or more gun grabbers tried to demonize Saturday Night Specials, but got no traction on that, so now they smell victory on demonizing black guns. When black guns are prohibited and public shootings continue, the gun grabbers will go after another class of guns. Eventually there will be no guns left, and the U.S. will be another disarmed socialist state, like the rest of the world. The first step, which gun grabbers ignore because it does not fit in to their schemes, is harsher punishments for gun crimes. A twenty-five year determinant sentence for first offense would be a start, and life without parole for a repeat offense would put an end to that.

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