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Obama Calls on Supporters to ‘Take Action’ to Change Leadership, Laws

While most US presidents retire from office and avoid commenting on their successors and policy, former President Barack Obama continues to lobby for a variety of popular leftist causes. Recently, the former president was pushing gun control on social media. On a day designated as “National Gun Violence Awareness Day” Obama took to Twitter, Facebook and other media outlets to rally supporters and prompt them to share his message with their friends, family and the public.

Obama called for support and wrote about the need to “take action” when it comes to gun violence, calling for citizens and his followers to push for stricter and more restrictive gun laws, in the name of “keeping kids safe” from violent acts.

“This National Gun Violence Awareness Day show your commitment to keeping our kids safe from gun violence,” he tweeted. “Then, for everyone we’ve lost, take action to change our leadership and our laws until they reflect that commitment – no matter how long it takes.”

In addition to his own posts, the former president also shared retweets from his own groups, the progressive Organizing for Action, this group calls for the revocation of some or all gun rights and urged followers to wear orange to show their support. Organizing for Action also recommended contacting Congress about gun violence; former president Obama shared these tweets with his own followers.

Other democrats, both politicians and entertainers, rushed to support the same cause and to follow in Obama’s footsteps.

Hilary Clinton wrote:

“Too many American children will never have the opportunity to realize their dreams because their lives were cut short by a bullet. Our kids deserve to live free from the threat of gun violence. #WearOrgange@Everytown @MomsDemand

The failed presidential candidate was not the only person to weigh in on Twitter. Newscaster Katie Couric and television star Julia Louise Dryfus also added to the conversation:

“It’s #NationalGunViolenceAwarenessDay & I #WearOrange because 96 people are shot and killed in an average day in America & for every 1 person killed with guns, 2 more are injured. As 9-year-old Yolanda Renee King said @ #marchforourlives, ‘I have a dream that enough is enough.’” tweeted Katie Couric.

“Today, I #WearOrange to give a voice to the 96 Americans who die and the hundreds more who are injured by gun violence every single day. Why do you #WearOrange?” tweeted Dreyfus.

A school shooting in Texas that inured more than a dozen and left 10 dead is the latest incident to rally anti-gun troops, along with the February 14th Parkland school shooting. Advocates for restricting second amendment rights – the very followers Obama is calling on – focus on the tool used in the shooting, not on the circumstances, mental health of the shooter or underlying problems.

The recent push to get followers to take action against legal gun ownership is not the first Obama anti-second amendment initiative. During his eight years in office, Obama repeatedly pushed for greater restrictions on legal firearm ownership. These came to a peak in 2012, after the Sandy Hook shooting and victims were used as a rallying point for the media and for anti-second amendment rights groups.

Executive orders filed by the former president during his term were created to expand the system of background checks for those wishing to legally purchase firearms.

With the support of his usual fanbase, other politicians (Nancy Pelosi chimed in right after Hilary Clinton) and some celebrities, Obama’s rallying point quickly spread across Twitter.

“During my visit to Chicago today, I couldn’t help but think about Hadiya Pendleton, whose death in 2013 inspired #WearOrange. We have a moral duty to protect American families throughout this city & the country at large from this daily tragedy.” tweeted Nancy Pelosi.

Obama’s original message was “liked” over 200,000 times – the other supporting Tweets were not as popular (in contrast, the Obama sponsored OFA group post had less than 3,000 likes).

This event marks another effort by the former president to continue to impact US policy and gun rights, and will likely not be the last time he chimes in about guns on social media.

~ National Gun Network

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  1. Tim Shepperson says

    The best thing we can do to curb gun violence is to remove all democrats from governing our cities and states and enforce the hundreds of gun laws we already have on the books. Obama should just go away and take Hillary with him.

    1. Jack says

      Right Tim, The loony Left ignores the obvious solution to solving gun violence, other than law enforcement, and that is “mental health” issues that cause people to become criminals. Liberals find it easier to just ban guns!

    2. Newtdog says

      When are they going to understand that GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, its DUMBA** PEOPLE like Obummer & Hillary Constantly Stirring up “CRAP” that gets people shot!!!

    3. David Sunkle says


    4. Samuel Benton says

      My exact thoughts . I guess he is scared all the dirt is coming back on his sorry ass .

    5. Tom says

      Yeah, to GITMO.

    6. Grampstang says

      They should both go to prison

    7. lori collum says


  2. Thomas says


    1. William Petersen says

      It was all a bad dream

  3. Thomas says

    You’re absolutely right, there was a change in leadership from your EVERYTHING Muslim and terrorism first back to Americans first. We already showed you what we thought of your scandal plagued administration when we voted AGAINST Crooked Hillary and the continuation of you fascist and predujist regime.

    1. David Sunkle says


      1. Micheal says

        Remember, you didn’t build that!!

  4. CaptTurbo says

    It’s always “Liberals Suck! Day” at my house.

  5. Beverly says

    Hey Obama go sniff your rancined a**.
    Your a joke. Better run before your put in prison. Bad boys are coming for you!

  6. Tim Plyler says

    obama, the worst president this nation has ever had, was elected twice, not for the content of his character, but for the color of his skin. Now we have a President who has morals and character, and a backbone, not to mention common sense, and obama is trying to retain his “legacy” by attempting to remain in the public eye. Its true that the democrats would rather control guns than mental illness, because most of them appear to be mentally ill! Yet they all have bodyguards who protect them with the very guns they hate… Hypocrites!

    1. rt66paul says

      I think Trump has an agenda and it does fall in with my beliefs, but he is not particularity moral in his business dealings, private, and political lives – he has been effective. That is all I can hope for in a leader. To put him(or Ronald Reagan) on a moral pedestal is not right. Both of these men have their vices, but I can live with that.
      Neither is the second coming of Christ, they are men with weaknesses and strengths.

  7. Dixi Born says

    If children’s lives are so important why are the democrats, liberals and progressives supporting the funding of Planned Parenthood that performs 900 abortions a DAY on minority women. That adds up to 328,500 lives destroyed a year. Many of these aborted fetuses, some of which are near term, are chopped up and their body parts sold. Our minority community is being encouraged and enticed into committing self-extermination and do not recognize the fact. How many potential Martin Luther Kings, Ben Carsons, George Washington Carvers are being destroyed at great loss to our minority community and to the nation?

    Guns are not the problem, the liberal, democratic, progressive, and clueless snowflakes are

    1. TheTruthBurns says

      Can’t talk to Demons gotta Kill Them!

  8. Richard Rooney says

    BO is an ” Anlinsky” commie following The Alinsky Model formular to over through the US government. He could do us all a favor and walk the streets of Chicago at night dressed like he usually does without his body guards and he would disappear. He has always been protected and lived in a protected position without fear of harm. He can shoot off his big mouth and he has plenty of armed protection to keep himself safe.

  9. Kep says

    Americans need to stand up and SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. We need to repeal many of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun laws we already have. We certainly do not need more. Gun control has nothing to do with guns. GUN CONTROL IS NOTHING MORE THAN POPULATION CONTROL. If Americans allow the liberal communists and those politicians who aid them, to pass more restrictive laws, we will have lost America. She will become just another failed Marxist country.

  10. Jean says

    Fkbama doesn’t give a damn about children’s safety. All that terrorist want is to make our country a pisslamic pig sty. He should have been arrested and executed years ago for impersonating the potus.

  11. stanley headrick says

    obama was in for 8 years, how many shootings did he stop in his home town of chicago,kids were also being killed there,13 and 14 year old gang members,he did not ever mention what was going on there,hundreds of teen gang memebers killed no action taken to stop it,a kid is a kid whether in a classroom or in a gang

  12. Bud says

    In her tweet about the 96 Americans shot and killed in an average day, the galactically moronic Katie Couric should have also added that Chicago, the city with the most stringent gun control in the US, has, on average, 20+ shooting deaths every week. She and all her leftist turd cohorts still think we c an be convinced that5 taking guns from law-abiding citizens will stop shooting deaths by criminals using illegal guns.

    I believe that, enforcing all criminal; laws and sentencing violent criminals to the maximum prison time, (and yes, bringing back the death penalty for all first degree murder convictions) will do much more to quell the violence. Legislation against criminal behavior is intended to stop the immoral degenerates who commit them from having the freedom and ability to do so. This type of legislation is very effective at that. But, the simple truth is: You Cannot Legislate Morality, so you have to control all those who lack it.

  13. Anthony Manzo says

    The problem with Mr. who ever he is, is that he knows more about Sol Alinsky , than Thomas Jefferson. Which mans he has no understanding about the american way of life. He also LIES.

  14. Doug says

    Yeh, and spoons made me fat; BAN SPOONS!

  15. TheTruthBurns says

    The Only way to rid ourselves of these Demonic Vermin is a Bullet to the Head. Stop Talking & Start Shooting!

    1. Tom says

      You better watch what you say on your comments, they are monitored by thr FBI, and they can get your information (your e-mail address) I’mfrom where you registered to make comments. And as crooked as the FBI has turned out to be, you might just be getting a visit from same.

  16. Ed Miano says

    If it weren’t for demon-rats there wouldn’t be any gun violence! If you look up whom all the shooters were, you’ll see they were all democrats! Go ahead and fact check!

    1. Cliff says

      YOU are absolutely CORRECT! These “shooters” were either DEMOCOMMUNISTS or children OF DEMOCOMMUNISTS. The “facts” speak for them selves.

  17. Cliff says

    The time is long past due for that flop-eared, half-black, gay, Illegal immigrant, MOOSLIME FRAUD to be arrested, charged with treason and HANGED. (right along side of his fellow DEMOCOMMUNISTS)

  18. Michael Hughes says

    If they finally did eliminate guns, we would just have to deal with more Timothy McVeys, more Boston bombers, more Muslims flying planes into buildings, more beheadings by machete, more people being deliberately mowed down by motor vehicles…….what would that gain anyone?

  19. ChuckB says

    Just more proof that Oblameo hasn’t got 2 clues to rub together when it comes to ANYTHING that is good for America.

  20. Sgt York says

    We’re we to loose our guns do you think Ovomits Muslims would loose theirs? I feel this from ovomit is his way of having his terrorist crapheads to start stepping in to take America as it’s new Islamic State. He would then by Islamic mandate become the dictator,and that’s his real goal for life. It’s all a ploy to tear us down thus Islam will become the grand pubah in the world with a dictator and not a Elected President.

  21. Tim says

    Only comment necessary … If these gun control laws actually worked we would see no Violence and Murder in Chicago, Illinois. Is this reasonable? There is more gun violence when the guns are removed from the Law Abiding Citizens. Enough said.

  22. Nicholas Corvo says

    But wasn’t the president who, along with AG Eric Holder, set up an illegal gun buying program to arm Mexican drug dealers with automatic weapons without alerting Mexican authorities?

  23. Vinnie says

    Isn’t his credo bordering on treason ? Change Leadership ? What has he ever lead other than the middle class to the poorhouse , the economy into the toilet , men ( trannies, pedophiles wannabe rapists, porn film makers)into ladies restrooms, the country into trillions of dollars into debt , the healthcare industry into disaster , the Black community into hate and division of purpose , the
    Iranians into an untold wealth allowing them to aid terrorism all over the World , The Muslim’s into confusion creating isis , the craziness abounding in the colleges today breeding the curse of Socialism and Communism ,the lie that he spews about Guns killing Children when the city he lived in has more gun death than any other in America and the strictest gun laws to be found ?
    The list of Destruction caused by the the Obama administration continues even today as he spews lie after lie still attempting to further his Failed Agenda to make America an Islamic Caliphate ! No Thank you Barry, We Love what President Trump is doing and will continue to do despite your Treasonous speeches designed to fill your pockets !

  24. Lil bit says

    The whole point of removing the guns, is to be able to take total control of we the people!
    Until then we can fight back! That’s all there is to it.
    What still remains, is the bad guys will continue to have the weapons…

    Why isn’t obummer in prison, why are they all still in the streets?
    One question is,,, are there any of the shooters still alive? Are they in prison, what happened to them. Or were they all conviently killed! Or disappeared!

  25. ltrail says

    Seriously. The Logan Act needs sharp teeth and prosecutes Obama’s “Shadow Government”. DOJ please wake up. Dir. FBI, Christopher Wray, please wake up. Is anybody there? Hello?

  26. Mac Daddy says

    Yeah I’ll give up my guns when he gives up his Secret Service body guards that I help pay for & moves back to live in a Chicago ghetto. See he has lived a privilege life from beginning to end & thinks the rest of us depend on anal cavities like him. Maybe we should start prosecuting him for all the laws he has broken & the rest of the Democratic Party hacks that assisted him in breaking the laws of our country.

  27. PaulWVa says

    Just keep all this crap in mind come the next election. If the best the Leftest can come up with is the likes of Obama and Hillary just imagine what they’ll come up with next. We MUST gather in force at the ballot box to keep America out of the hands of people like them. WE CANNOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY AGAIN. VOTE! Give your friends and neighbors a ride to the poll so they can vote too.

  28. Walkin O'Shea says

    Mr. Obama is a man who can’t stand the thought of being irrelevant. Unfortunately for his information he is all that and more. Once you’re out of the limelight there is no going back. You have shot your wad and there’s no more time to reload. You’re a has-been.

  29. gary johnson says

    it sounds like obummer is scared with everything they are finding on the lying, corrupt dam o rats

  30. Barbara says

    How dare that muslim have the seal of the pres. on that podium. —he is no long a pres of our country and he talks about guns. Tell me obama since you and hillary were in the child sex ring and harming those children is far worse then the gun issue that you so talk about. You want our guns gone so you and your fellow musims can start attacking our countrymen with the axes and knifes and machetes. ;STOP WITH THE BS ABOUT GUNS. WE ALL KNOW WHY YOU WANT THEM GONE

  31. Shelba says

    No matter how many gun laws are passed it will not stop sick people from shooting other people, there is a lack of morality today that lets these sick people believe that if you don’t agree with me it is OK if I shoot you, or else the sick person is looking for publicity, which the press gives in abundance , have no idea how to correct this problem and I guess without trying to weed out people who should never own a gun, like people who cannot or will not control their temper there is not much can be done again as I say no matter how many gun laws are passed these people will get a gun someway

  32. Frank says

    What hit me as stupid is the idea that someone can arbitrarily say that an inanimate object is banned and thus illegal to own. If you think about it, a firearm doesn’t do anything. It just lays there like a rock until a person uses it. It is a tool just like the many tools and machines that people use to maintain their home, prepare food, repair engines, motors and vehicles, to build a structure, to refinish furniture or to keep are yards neat and healthy.
    It’s the same for a car or a cell phone. They are often used in a careless manner that causes a lot of deaths, but nobody tries to take these things away. I wouldn’t imprison a human being just for owning a rifle anymore than for driving a car.
    This claim that the founding fathers did not include the M-16/AR-15 in the second amendment is a ridiculous argument. How could they ban or exclude a firearm that did not exist at the time. They never specified a specific weapon as common sense would dictate that it would be silly to have to change the document for every technological advance or new gun that is manufactured. The amendment protects man’s natural right to defend himself and preserve his life and that of friends and family. It wasn’t advocating eternal defense by musket or inferior weaponry than the government may posses.

  33. Robert Hobbs says

    Obama had the reins in the state of the most gun violence and had his chance to do something about it and not once did he do his part then but now he’s advocating changes about things he knows he can’t change but is committing political assassination on our president ! If he’s really interested in helping he needs to craw in his hole and protect his own sorry ass ! He had his Muslim ass covered for 8 years and now is getting protected at taxpayer expense , shut up and watch a real man at work !!!!!

  34. Russell A Conant says

    There is no gun violence. The problem is people violence. I have never owned a gun that loaded itself and went out on Saturday night with evil intent.
    Are cars guilty of drunk driving? Do cars get road rage? Did a baseball bat ever bash a skull all by itself? Did Anthony Bourdains bathroom belt act by itself? Blame the user,not the tool.

  35. Scott says

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